Our Clients

Z&Z Accounting Services LLC Client Service Standards guide us toward providing an exceptional customer experience, one in which we become a trusted adviser to our clients and bring solutions that deliver value to them.

        We Understand. We first gain a thorough understanding of the client’s business, current situation, needs,             and expectations, which helps ensure that there will be no surprises and that we will be successful in                     offering an exceptional customer experience.        

        We Communicate. We communicate before, during, and after an engagement – open and consistent                     communication at the right time with the right people is a critical component of efficient service delivery and          the customer experience.

        We Collaborate. We collaborate with client to bring together the right expertise to meet the client’s needs.

        We Deliver. We deliver what we promise – on time, on budget, and with the highest quality. We anticipate             and proactively address issues that arise. And our solutions help our clients accomplish their business                 objectives.

Our clients:

1. Technology Companies
2. Online Retailers
3. Traditional Retailers
4. Professionals such as Dentists and Doctors
5. Musical Industry
6. Rental Companies
7. Transportation Industry
8. Restaurants
9. Food & Beverage
10. Delivery & Catering

....And Many More

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